Lecture Images Test 2

Below you will find the lecture images for test 2- Baroque to Modern. These images will be used in class in the weeks leading up to the test. Each image is referenced with a number which is also used on the PowerPoint slide during class. This should help you keep track of the images used in class as you prepare for the exam.


Aristocratic Culture

2.1 Louis XIV


2.2 Palace of Versailles


2.3 Hall of Mirrors


2.4 Queen's Bedchamber


2.5 Louis XIV


2.6 Queen of France


2.7 The Aristocracy at leisure


2.8 Aristocratic painting in context


2.9 Aristocratic preference for Roman subjects


2.10 Opera at Versailles


2.11 Versailles opera hall as it looks today


Bourgeois Culture

2.12 Cloth Guild


2.13 Barber Guild


2.14 Amsterdam Bourse


2.15 Quest for the New World


2.16 Quest for the New World


2.17 Quest for the New World


2.18 Quest for the New World


2.19 Bourgeois Domesticity


2.20 Bourgeois Domesticity


2.21 Still Life


2.22 & 2.23 Music in the Home


2.24 Harpsichord


2.25 Baroque Sonata


Revolutionary Culture

2.26 Napoleon Heroism


2.27 Washington Heroism


2.28 Liberty Leading the People


2.29 An American Monument inspired from Rome


2.30 A French Monument Inspired from Rome


2.31 American Constitution


2.32 French Reign of Terror


2.33 Washington the citizen leader


2.34 Napoleon the Emperor


2.35 Beethoven


Terminology in Painting

2.36 Perspective


2.37 Atmospheric Perspective


2.38 Impasto



2.39 Landscape 17th century


2.40 Landscape 19th century


2.41 Landscape early 20th century


2.42 Landscape late 20th century





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