Get Stylin
The study of art history is to a great extent the study of styles and how they change over time. Art historians are almost obsessed with categorizing types and styles as a way of better understanding. But just what is style? And what are the categories of types of art? In this project you will learn about the concept of style and how we categorize types of art. This is the first project any student new to this field of study should spend some time with.

Mesopotamia Identification
This is a pretty basic introduction to identification and sorting out of artistic patterns. You're given four unknown Mesopotamia images - How would you identify them?

Puzzled Mesopotamians
The God-King has demanded the completion of the temple wall design as soon as possible. The craftsmen have completed the construction of the bricks, and the artisans have even completed the glazing of the brick with a typical motif of the city. All that remains to be done is the assembling of the glazed brick into a beautiful wall design. That's where you come in. Can you take the bricks and arrange them into the correct pattern for the wall?