Get Stylin
The study of art history is to a great extent the study of styles and how they change over time. Art historians are almost obsessed with categorizing types and styles as a way of better understanding. But just what is style? And what are the categories of types of art? In this project you will learn about the concept of style and how we categorize types of art. This is the first project any student new to this field of study should spend some time with.

Sorting Out the Baroque
In this project you are presented with nine art works from the Baroque. Your first task is to classify them as either Aristocratic or Bourgeois in style. After successfully doing this you then need to identify the artist by name.

Tulip Trader
A Java Script game I wrote with probably no actual pedagogical value - but fun as hell play! You're cast as a 17th century trader at the Amsterdam Bourse (stock exchange) and you have about ten minutes to double your money. To do this you get to buy and sell stock on the market as the prices change reflecting ever changing news reports and rumors. Six of the major commodities famously traded at the Amsterdam Bourse are represented, including the ever famous tulip bulbs.

Subject Hunting
One of the greatest musical-intellectual devices of all time was the Baroque fugue. Listening to a fugue and trying to catch all the fugue subjects as they appear is kind of like a musical version or "Where's Waldo." Here's a little scrip I've put together to see if you can count the subjects that appear in Bach's F-Minor Fugue. If nothing else, it's great listening!

Name that Rococo
Your skills are again called upon to match the correct Rococo artist with his painting.