This is for the first test in Humanities II covering the Baroque through the Storm and Stress Periods. Choosing the link below will load a short sample test you can take on-line and immediately have it graded to see how you do. Afterward you can also review the answers or reset it and try again. Enjoy!

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Did you know... one custom that most endears a person to costmary is its use as a bookmark? Since colonial days during the Baroque, costmary leaves have marked the pages of Bibles and prayer books, hence its nickname, Bible leaf. It did not just serve as an innocent bookmark, however. Sleepy churchgoers benefited from the scent and flavor. When the sermon became long and boring and their eyelids drooped and heads began to nod, they would pull the leaves from their prayer books and sniff them or nibble on the edges, and they would be revived - at least for a little while. Perhaps students that slumber over their tests would benefit by this leafy marker.