Sorting out Classical Art
Classicism is made up of several subdivisions of art classifications. Here's an opportunity to classify 9 images of Classical art into the correct periods - Hellenic, Hellenistic, or Roman.
If you are using an iPad, Nook, Kindlefire, or other such device, here is a Tablet Version of the Project.

Identifying Classical Art
This is actually a companion project to the previous one. In this exercise you get to identify 5 actual art works by name, or in some cases determine the artist. It's a great way to see if you know names and titles associated with some of the major works of Classicism.

Ovid Jeopardy
This semester we are not reading Ovid so this project would be mostly impossible unless you were a budding classics expect! But, its here just the same. Here's your opportunity to go head-to-head with Marcus in a rousing game of Jeopardy. All the categories deal with facets of Ovid's Metamorphoses focusing on the Books read for class. You get to choose the category and attempt to answer the question to win "Ovid Dollars," but miss the question or pass on it and Marcus will try himself to gain the dollars.

"Recovering" Rome
For most of us the image we have of Rome are the noble ruins that grace the city landscape. But to really appreciate the splendor of Rome in its days of glory you have to try to imagine these structures not as they look today, but rather as they would have appeared to Caesar himself. This is an attempt to help you do just that. Six monuments shown first as they look today and then magical recast into their original glory.