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What happens when reality and illusion, truth and falsehood become indistinguishable?

The Human Condition is a journey through a Postmodern maze of relative truths. More than a fantasy about the wiz-bang technology of tomorrow, Hunter takes us beyond the gadgetry and software to confront the implications of a life submerged in a cocoon of information technology.

In a stark weave of imagery, we witness the psychological epic of Jason, the archetype of the Information Age. Intelligent, indifferent, and isolated, he lives a comfortable life in the technological shell created by his apartment and personal processor, named Ann.

One morning he dispassionately instructs Ann to create a database on a woman he watched being brutally murdered halfway around the world. Using an illegal interactive program, he creates Eliza from the database of the murdered woman enhanced with the digital dust taken from information about himself and his wife Maria.

But what happens when his virtual creation takes on a life of its own?

Thus begins Jason's journey into a world where his cocoon is stripped away, and Jason is transformed into a man of passion and nature. Or is he?

I make The Human Condition available free of charge to anyone that request access to the download. Send me a request email and I will forward a passcode to you.

Mark Hunter 1999Mark Hunter is an Professor of Humanities at St. Petersburg College in Florida where his duties include teaching interdisciplinary humanities and well as music history. He holds degrees from the University of Kentucky and Indiana University.










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