Mark Hunter has been a professor of Humanities at St. Petersburg College since 1988. In 2010 he was awarded "teacher of the year" on the Clearwater campus. During his tenure at the college he has taught Humanities I and II, East-West Synthesis, as well as Introduction to Music. He holds degrees from University of Kentucky, Indiana University and has extensive independent coursework from California State University.

In addition to teaching, Professor Hunter is a trained organist with emphases on German Romanticism. His real passion however is harpsichord music from the Baroque. He has just completed redecorating his Flemish single harpsichord in an authentic 17th century style as typified in the works of Hans Ruckers. An extensive blog details the process from beginning to end. His harpsichord performances included solo recitals as well as ensemble work focusing on Baroque trio sonatas. You can also find videos of his harpsichord performances at his YouTube channel - Baroque Harpsichord. A choral work based on Tempus Adest Floridum was published in 1986.

Hunter's most recent writing includes an article entitled To Attack Capitalism is to Attack Human Nature. Before that he also wrote a cyber-fiction novella challenging the implications of postmodern relativism and its impact on The Human Condition.

Humanities Resource was founded in 2001 as a supplemental tool for college student's study in the humanities. Though primarily designed to be used by his own humanities students, the Resource was made available on the web so all students might access the information. More recently, Humanities Resource has been expanded to provide a more extensive resource utilizing the vast materials in the public domain available online.