This is for the second test in Humanities I covering the Medieval period, in addition to the Classical poetry of Ovid and philosophy of Jesus. Choosing the link below will load a short sample test you can take on-line and immediately have it graded to see how you do. Afterward you can also review the answers or reset it and try again. Enjoy!

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Did you know... during the Middle Ages the greatest virtue of the herb betony was as a guard against harm? It is not surprising most monastic cloisters would include the herb in their gardens. So powerful was this herb at warding off evil spirits, men and women wore amulets made from it. Considering that the Middle Ages confronted you with a host of splendid terrors - the plague, famine, sporadic plundering - your average serf needed any advantage he could get. I've tried to no avail to get the college to plant the herb on campus.