Journal of Waterloo
Captain Cavaliť Mercer was in command of troop G of the Royal Horse Artillery in Wellington’s army that met in battle on that fateful day June 18th 1815. Popularly known as the Battle of Waterloo, it marked one of the epic clashes of the era. Here are a few excerpts of the first hand account written by Mercer in his diary. It’s one of the best descriptions we have of combat at the time. Read Article
Mozart's Letters
While we bask in the wonderful works created by the musical/artistic geniuses of the past, we all to often forget that they were indeed real people. In the case of Mozart he can be downright juvenile at times. Here’s a couple of paragraphs found in his letters. Hard to imagine this is from the same man who gave us the Requiem and Mass in C. Read Article
The Declaration - Modernized
I'm always reminded when reading old documents in class at the difficulty some have relating to the language in its older manifestations.  Eighteenth century English for example does not always speak to the modern audience.  Not that this is a new problem, Mencken for one reached the same conclusion in the early part of the 20th century.   His "modernized" version of the Declaration of Independence would have caused Jefferson  to declare war on the education establishment itself.  This is the opening and conclusion to the Declaration of Independence utilizing a more modern sensibility.  It's every bit as crass as the poorly educated populous he was criticizing.  Read Article
Thomas Paine - Common Sense
Some say it was the match that lit the passion of the American revolution. Others point out its ability to capture the feelings of many of the colonists leading into the war. What can't be denied is the impact this small pamphlet had on the morale the colonists. Shunning the rarefied rhetoric of a philosopher, Paine sets forth the case for independence in common language. This captures at it heart what it meant to be an American. If you are not content with other people's summaries of this significant document, I invite you to read it yourself. I make available a complete PDF version.  Read Article