Picture a Revolution
A project not so much about art as it is about the popular culture of the revolutions. Can you recognizing famous images from the revolutions and then able to put the correct quote to that image?

Style Recognition
A fairly straight forward project presenting you with 5 unknown Neoclassical works. Can you identify the artist or architect?

Building a Classical Symphony
We all can't be Beethoven, but we can appreciate him better by understanding his symphonic forms. This is a two part exercise using his first movement Sonata Form as a puzzle. Can you put the pieces in the right place?

Puzzling over David
The crisp clarity of David's style make it a perfect image for a puzzle. Here I've broken apart his painting Sappho and Phaon. Can you assemble the image by clicking and dragging the correct pieces onto the gray tabletop? If you are on a computer you'll know it is in the correct position when it snaps into place - if you're on a tablet the pieces drag, but won't snap into place.

Unknown Listening
Want to explore the unknown? Here's a project primarily developed for music history students (MUH1110) preparing for the mid-term exam. Three unknown musical excerpts can be listened to, analyzed, and written about. Sample essay answers are provided. Hey - if nothing else, the music is great!