This is for the third test in Humanities I covering the Renaissance period, in addition to the Classical poetry of Ovid and philosophy of Jesus. Choosing the link below will load a short sample test you can take on-line and immediately have it graded to see how you do. Afterward you can also review the answers or reset it and try again. Enjoy!

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The Final Exam will require classifying images and other items into the correct period. Here's a sample version of the Final Exam.

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Laurus Nobilis

Did you know... the bay leaf is a symbol of glory and reward? The Renaissance revered it so highly as a protector and as a symbol of greatness and honor that the death of the bay tree was considered an evil omen. Shakespeare wrote in Richard II:

"Tis thought the king is dead; we will not stay./The bay trees in our country are all wither'd."

Since bay leaves come from the laurel tree, do you suppose Apollo kept Daphne well watered?