Calculating Your Semester Grade

I'll grant you calculating your Humanities semester grade shouldn't require an advanced degree in here's a form I've created to do it for you! Fill in the appropriate blanks and click "calculate" and your semester class score will be given. Note that the grading scale is listed below, and there is of course no need to round fractions. *

You can also use this to figure out what your future grades need to be as well, or as in the case of dropping a lower score, you can substitute a higher final exam grade for a previous test grade.

Test 1 Score

Test 2 Score

Test 3 Score

Reading Score Give yourself 20 points for every quiz/outline that was acceptable

Your Final Semester Grade is


Grading Scale


90 +
80 - 89.99
70 - 79.99
60 - 69.99
59.99 and below


* For those interested in the formula: [(Test 1 + Test 2 + Test 3) / 3 x 2 + Reading Score] / 3 = Final Semester Grade