Sample Test 1

For each of the following 10 questions select one answer. To see your grade, choose the "Grade it!" button at the bottom of the test.

For Questions 1 and 2
Questions 1 and 2

1. In which period would you place this structure?
a. Hellenic
b. Hellenistic
c. Mesopotamian
d. Egyptian
e. Roman

2. What type of vaulting is used over the main hall in this building?
a. Post and Lintel
b. Cross Vaulting
c. Barrel Vaulting
d. Dome Vaulting
e. Pole Vaulting

For Question 3
Question 3
Which part of the order is missing in this building?
a. Raking cornice
b. Entablature
c. Freeze
d. Stylobate
e. Triglyph

For Question 4
Question 4
4. Which of the following would NOT apply to this image?
a. Praxiteles
b. Propylaea
c. Callicrates
d. Athena Nike
e. Acropolis

5. Which of the following is NOT a trait associated with a sophist in Hellenic Athens?
a. Wealth
b. Skilled debater
c. Winning was always utmost in importance
d. Discovery of truth was always utmost in importance
e. All the above are associated with a Hellenic sophist in Athens

6. Which of the following is an incorrect string?
a. Rome - Polychrome marble - Pantheon
b. Cross vaulting - Baths of Caracalla - Tepidarium
c. Acropolis - Propylaea - Corinthian
d. Hammurabi - God-king - Legal code
e. Athens - Aegeus - Parodos

7. Which of the following is NOT associated with the Hellenistic Age?
a. Alexander the Great
b. Polyclitus
c. Emotionalism
d. Pergamon
e. Epicureanism

8. Which of the following can be associated with the virgin archetype?
a. The number 11
b. A red rose
c. Enclosed garden
d. A plow made of ivory
e. A sword

9. Which of the following is associated with Sparta?
a. Theocratic Socialism
b. Oligarchic
c. Epicureanism
d. Hedonism
e. Timarchic

10. Yahweh (God) is to Moses what ____?____ is the Hammurabi?
a. Abu
b. Ishtar
c. Zeus
d. Shamash
e. Utnapishtim

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