Sample Test 2

For each of the following 10 questions select one answer. To see your grade, choose the "Grade it!" button at the bottom of the test.

For Questions 1 - 3
Questions 1 - 3
1. How would you classify this photograph of a interior cathedral wall?
a. Middle Roman
b. Early Christian Era
c. Gothic
d. Late Roman Empire
e. Romanesque


2. Which of the following structures are most similar in style and construction?
a. Chartres
b. Third Abbey Church of Cluny
c. St. Apollinare Classe
d. St. Apollinare Nuovo
e. St. Sernin


3. What part of the structure are you looking at?
a. Clerestory
b. Cloister
c. Crossing
d. Flying Buttress
e. Triforium


For Question 4
Question 4
4. In the photograph above, to what part of the church does the arrow lead you to?
a. Narthex
b. Apse
c. Ambulatory
d. Transept
e. Cloister


5. Which of the following is NOT a trait of Courtly Love?
a. A fief is exchanged for fidelity
b. Submission of the lover to his lady of desire
c. Attraction to the forbidden
d. Love is won through honor and worth
e. All the above ARE associated with Courtly Love


6. Which of the following is an incorrect statement regarding the Republic of Rome?
a. Julius Caesar was associated with the Populares faction in the senate.
b. The issue that Gracchi was most concerned with was the unfair distribution of farm land for the plebs.
c. Julius Caesar gained notoriety through his military campaigns in Gaul.
d. Sulla expanded plebeian powers by raising the status of the Tribunes.
e. The Optimates were patrician aristocrats that favored strong Senatorial power.


7. Which of the following was a prominent event of the Middle Ages?
a. Nero debases the currency
b. Embracing of democratic institutions
c. Black death
d. Protestant Reformation
e. Pope Ulares becomes the king of France


8. In which regard were Jesus and Socrates different?
a. Belief in being on a divine mission
b. Being subjected to a trumped-up trial
c. Embracing poverty as virtuous in itself
d. Being surrounded by a circle of close friends
e. Being betrayed by a member of the "inner circle"


9. Which of the following is an inconsistent string?
a. Stain glass - Gothic - Flying Buttress
b. Tower of London - Mosaic - Romanesque
c. Gothic - Fresco - Giotto
d. Illuminations - Book of Hours - Limbourg Brothers
e. Romanesque - Bayeux Tapestry - Norman Conquest


10. As a young Medieval monk just entering into a life in a Benedictine monastery you must find your place particularly as to your eight hours of daily work required of every monk. You don't have exceptional language skills but do have an exceptional ability to draw beautiful pictures. Recognizing this talent the monastery bishop directs you to the scriptorium for you daily work. What job will you most likely receive?
a. Tanner
b. Miniator
c. Organist
d. Rubricator
e. Director of the liturgical dramas

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