Sample Test 3

For each of the following 10 questions select one answer. To see your grade, choose the "Grade it!" button at the bottom of the test.

For Question 1
Question 1
1. Which of the following statements is NOT supported by the symbolism found in this painting?
a. The bride is revered for her purity and virginity
b. The eye of God watches and blesses this wedding
c. This marriage is based on fidelity
d. Like Adam in the garden, all man is sinful
e. This home is/will be cared for by the domestic arts


For Questions 2 - 3
Questions 2 - 3
Which pagan god is celebrated in this painting?
a. Jove
b. Bacchus
c. Athena
d. Apollo
e. Perseus


3. Which of the following symbols is present in this painting?
a. Chastity
b. Vice
c. Loyalty
d. Good Fortune
e. Folly


For Questions 4 - 5
Questions 4 - 5

4. Who sculpted this work?
a. Michelangelo
b. Da Vinci
c. Bruegel
d. Sluter
e. Bronzino


5. Which of the following ancient masters was most influential on the artist that sculpted this work?
a. Phidias
b. Polyclitus
c. Polygonidius
d. Praxiteles
e. Mnesicles


For Questions 6 - 7
Questions 6 - 7

6. Each of the following philosophical statements may indeed be true theologically, but one can not be seen reflected in the symbolism of this painting. Which of the following statements is NOT supported by the symbolism of the painting?
a. The decay of the world necessitated the birth of Jesus.
b. The shepherds hear of the birth due to their faithfulness.
c. The holy spirit graces the birth of Christ.
d. The divine martyrdom of Christ is foreshadowed at his birth.
e. The eye of God witnessed the birth.


7. Which of the following is the best title for the narration?
a. Annunciation
b. Descent/Deposition
c. Pieta
d. The Excommunication
e. Nativity


8. It is the year 1537, and you have just finished a wonderful meal (including a generous amount of adult beverages) in the London home of a good friend. The hostess now brings out the part-books and handing each a copy requests that everyone sing. What type of music are you about to sing?
a. Saltarello
b. Mass
c. Chanson
d. Madrigal
e. Motet


9. And while we're at it... whose music are you about to sing in the above example?
a. Arcadelt
b. Farmer
c. Palestrina
d. Marenzio
e. Lassus


10. What is used symbolically at the end of the Book of the Courtier?
a. Burning candle
b. A kiss
c. Light
d. A dove
e. A ritual death imposed on everyone who had to read it!



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