News Flash:
Something's Stinking in the Art World

"It will be just fantastic when all the worms start crawling about in the rotting meat...Good art ought to stink a bit."

Thus spoke Belgian "artist" Jan Fabre in describing his newest work to be exhibited at the entrance to Ghent University.  His sculpture is to be made up of 8000 pieces of rotting smoked ham which will evolve into a living (dare we say stinking) work of sculpture.  Adding to the fun will be the planned demonstrations by animal rights activists who object to the work for completely different reasons.  As such, the exhibit will be placed under 24 hour guard where one is left to wonder if the security men will face greater risks from the radical activists or being overcome by putrefaction. Sadder yet is the thought of taxpayers footing the bill for this "advancement of the arts."

I once recall walking into the faculty lounge only to discover a cake inadvertently left there over the weekend after an earlier celebration.  Seeing as the cake was being over-run by omnipresent Florida cockroaches, I took it upon myself to throw it away.   I wonder now if I will be subjected to an inquiry by the National Endowment of the Arts for "desecration of the arts."

I couldn't find a picture of Fabre's "art" so I thought I would give you a look below at The Meat Stall painted by Pieter Aertsen in 1551.  'Nough said...

Aertsen: The Meat Stall