Cezanne, Paul (1839-1909)
French Post-Impressionist Painter
Matisse, Henri Emile (1869-1954) French Expressionist Painter
Chagall, Marc (1887-1985)
Russian/French Surrealist Painter
Miro, Joan (1893-1983)
Spanish Surrealist Painter
Dali, Salvadore (1904-1989)
Spanish Surrealist Painter
Modigliani, Amadeo (1884-1920)
Italian Expressionist Painter/Sculptor
De Chirico, Giorgio (1888-1978)
Italian Surrealist Painter
Mondrian, Piet (1872-1944)
Dutch Painter
Duchamp, Marcel (1879-1953)
French Dada
Monet, Claude (1840-1926)
French Impressionist Painter
Estes, Richard (1936- )
American Post-Modern Realist Painter
Moore, Henry (1898-1986)
English Expressionist Sculptor
Frankenthaler, Helen (1928- )
American Color-field Painter
Newman, Barnett (1905-1970)
American Color-field Painter
Gauguin, Paul (1848-1903)
French Post-Impressionist Painter
Paxton, Joseph
English Architect
Giacometti, Alberto (1901-1966)
Swiss Surrealist Sculptor
Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973)
Spanish Cubist Painter/Sculptor
Hanson, Duane (1925- )
Post-Modern Realist Sculptor
Pollock, Jackson (1912-1956)
American Action Painter
Hofmann, Hans (1880-1966)
Color-field Painter
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste (1841-1919)
French Impressionist Painter
Kandinsky, Wassily (1866-1944)
Russian Expressionist Painter
Riley, Bridget (1931- )
British Op Painter
Leger, Fernand (1881-1955)
French Cubist Painter
Rodin, Auguste (1840-1917)
French Impressionist Sculptor
Lichtenstein, Roy (1923-1997)
American Pop Artist
Rothko, Mark (1903-1970)
American Color-field Painter
Lipchitz, Jacques (1891-1973)
American Cubist Sculptor
Seurat, Georges (1859-1891)
French Post-Impressionist Painter
Magritte, Rene (1898-1967)
Belgian Surrealist Painter
Van Gogh, Vincent (1853-1890)
Dutch Post-Impressionist Painter
Manet, Edouard (1832-1883)
French Impressionist Painter
Warhol, Andy (1925-1987)
American Pop Artist

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