Naming the Impressionists
Though Impressionism actually occurred mostly in the 19th century I like to talk about them in regard to the 20th because they were instrumental in beginning to define the experimentation of the upcoming modern artists. Here are four unknown Impressionist painters- can you name each?

Sorting out the Early 20th Century
There's been a request for me to loan a few art works from the site to a virtual museum. Could you help me out by sorting a few works from the early 20th century and putting them into the proper crate for shipping? It's a two part project. Thanks - I appreciate your help.

Identifying late 20th Century Art
The late 20th century becomes a kaleidoscope of painting styles. Here's an opportunity to see if you can put the artist's name to their painting.

Unknown Listening
Want to explore the unknown? Here's a project primarily developed for music history students (MUH1110) preparing for the final exam. Three unknown musical excerpts can be listened to, analyzed, and written about. Sample essay answers are provided. Or, you could just look at the bright side - the semester is almost over!